Photography is a real passion of mine since I was 19 years young and studied in France for the best of 2 years. Since then I have decided to specialise in two fields.

Weddings…… because I just love people that are in love, I always look forward to photographing a new wedding story. Since all weddings are different, they give me that buzz, those butterflies, that excitement, that fire….I kid you not, I sometimes have tears of happiness. It is a festive event about 2 people, showcasing their hard work, their families and friends and most importantly about the fun!! How lucky am I to be a part of their day.

Commercial…… is a different challenge as it is more structured and generally photographed in a more controlled environment. Those assignments can vary from shooting people to shooting places to shooting products. It is a sense of positive achievement to see the final prints, that final result from hours and hours of work and reach the goal that was shown to me as an idea.

I have learned along the years that being a photographer is like being a chameleon, I change colour depending on the jobs, the environment and the people. I choose not to specialise in only one field because there are too many things I like to photograph.

As an enjoyment for myself I take my camera, when I have time, go and experience new horizons and techniques.